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Welcome to Sleep Tight Consulting.

I'm Leeann Talbot, Mother, Registered Nurse in Paediatrics & Emergency Care, and Sleep Consultant. Sleep Tight Consulting is a private sleep consulting business. I work with families to provide them with structured sleep plans and goals for their little ones. It is never too late to start sleep training. I love what I do! Being able to give families the gift of sleep is the best gift of all.


I help sleep-deprived parents establish healthy sleep habits in their home. I will help you master bedtime, night time wake ups, nap time and more. Reclaim your sanity with proven healthy techniques that will improve your baby, toddler or child's sleep patterns. It's important that we understand developmentally appropriate sleep patterns while setting realistic goals to help your little one.  


Sleep Consulting

With Leeann

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Become a Sleep Tight Consultant (BSC)

Are you ready to turn your passion for sleep into a career?

Are you ready to be your own boss?

Work with amazing, supportive women?

Then my mentorship program is here for you.


Work With Leeann

Work directly, one-on-one with Leeann to help your newborn, baby, toddler, or child of any age to establish healthy sleep habits. 

Mother and Baby

Do It Yourself

These online courses are here and ready for you! No waiting and no need to book your one-on-one consultation. My age-appropriate packages are for families who have decided they are ready to start healthy sleep habits and ready to start now.


With knowledge comes confidence and we can all use a little more confidence in our ability to help our children sleep. If you are ready to take the steps to get your infant/child to sleep, my online DIY packages are for you!

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Want FREE Sleep Tips?

"I am so happy! It's amazing how quickly he's learning! I'm so happy I reached out to your for help! you 've helped change our family for the better! We're all so happy and well rested! And it's only been 4.5 days!

Danielle B.

"Perfect. Thank you Leeann!!!

Sleep Whisperer.

Not all heroes wear capes ❤️❤️"

Brittany K.

"We are so thankful for Leeann and all the amazing work she does! We started using Leeann when our baby boy was only 3 months old. After 2 days of working with Leeann, he is sleeping in his own room only waking once to eat during the night and goes right back down again and doesn't wake until 7:30am! . . . 

Jenn C.

What Well Rested Parents Say

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