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About SleepTight


Leeann Talbot

Registered Nurse & Pediatric Sleep Consultant

I'm Leeann Talbot, Mother, Registered Nurse in Paediatrics & Emergency Care, and Sleep Consultant. Sleep Tight Consulting is a private sleep consulting business.


I work with families to provide them with structured sleep plans and goals for their little ones. It is never too late to start sleep training. I love what I do! Being able to give families the gift of sleep is the best gift of all.

I help sleep-deprived parents establish healthy sleep habits in their home. I will help you master bedtime, night time wake ups, nap time and more.


Reclaim your sanity with proven healthy techniques that will improve your baby, toddler or child's sleep patterns. It's important that we understand developmentally appropriate sleep patterns while setting realistic goals to help your little one.  

My Philosophy

Being a mother and nurse has allowed me to understand the impact sleep can have on our little ones health. I help families everyday implement healthy sleep routines. Which we too practice in our own home, Our older boys are both amazing sleepers, with little Leo following suit at only 4 months old. They fill my heart with so much joy, being their Mom has taught me the meaning of unconditional true love.

So what does Sleep Tight Consulting represent? It represents me, Leeann a mother, who believes in the importance of family and sleep! My plans focus on responsive parenting, ensuring the family is the number one priority. I encourage parents to look at their child’s overall health and development before making any changes to their current sleep patterns.

I believe in parents always trusting their instincts, as you know your child best. 

I provide the tools you need in order to create positive and healthy sleep associations. Our children should see their rooms as a place of peace, safety and relaxation. We need to protect our relationship with sleep, and allow it to be seen as a pleasant place to go and a safe place to remain. 

My clients become my number one priority, providing copious amounts of one on one support and encouragement (which is always more than just sleep advice). Everyone in the family is going to benefit from our work together, because we are addressing not only sleep, but our family as a whole.

Sleep shouldn’t be hard - let me help you!

Leeann Talbot

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