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Become a Sleep Tight Consultant (BSC)

Are you ready to run your passion for sleep into a career?

Are you ready to be your own boss?

Work with amazing, supportive women?

Then my mentorship program is here for you.

I, Leeann Talbot, am passionate about not only helping families achieve healthy sleep habits, but also training and educating women who have a desire such as my own to give families the gift of sleep. You might have had a positive experience with sleep training that ultimately changed your life. Or wish you could support mothers on their journey through motherhood.

Being a Sleep Tight Consultant

 In this program, you are not just learning how to help babies sleep. You will learn to understand the foundation of sleep, importance of healthy sleep habits, and how to truly support families. I believe that there are many parts that play important roles in pediatric sleep, which is why I take a holistic family centered approach. I look at the whole picture of pediatric sleep rather than simply one or two parts.

You may be wondering, "is this for me?"

Are you passionate about helping parents + babies and ready for a thriving career without having to sacrifice family time?


Are you wanting to expand your education and become an expert on child sleep in order to service families, communities, and organizations?  

Are you ready for more flexibility and more time doing the things you enjoy and spending time with those you love? Then this is for you! My mentorship program will also offered continued support in order to ensure you are on the path to success! Our growing team of like-minded women believe in encouraging one another, helping share resources, and so much more. You will never be doing this alone!! Join us today!!  I am passionate about training and educating women who have a deep desire to give families the gift of sleep, or to touch the life of a new mother by walking alongside her. You might have had a positive experience with sleep training that ultimately changed your life. 

Guess what? There is no degree to become a sleep consultant. I’m often asked by older people what I majored in college to become a sleep consultant. I actually have a Bachelor's Degree in Science of Nursing, but you don’t even need a degree to become a sleep consultant. You need certification through a program.

Meet our Graduates

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Please meet our Newfoundland Graduate and read all about her here:


My name is Rebeccah Rideout. I'm a mother, wife, dog mom, and Paediatric Sleep Consultant. Sleep Tight Consulting is a private sleep consulting business. I work with families one on one to support them with personalized sleep plans. One of my biggest passions in life is to help families achieve healthy sleep habits. Even though I'm working towards getting your child to reach sleep goals, it will help everyone in the house. 

We will work on bedtime, night time wake ups, nap time and so much more.  I use proven and healthy techniques that will drastically improve your child's sleep patterns. Having a child who sleeps the proper number of hours each day and night will help their development, mood and over all wellbeing, and let's not forget it will help us parents as well. 

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Please meet our British Columbia Graduate and read all about her here:


Hi, I’m Mandy. I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant who joined the Sleep Tight family early this year. I am a Mother to two beautiful girls, Blake who is 4 years old and Tahya who is 20 months, and I am also a wife.

Lastly, I am a Registered Social Worker where I have worked in Child Welfare since 2016 with children in care (temporary and continuing custody), out of cares, youth agreements, and extended family plans. I believe that this has given me the experience to work with a wide range of children with complex situations and developmental needs.

Being a Social Worker, working with children in care, I have seen a range of attachment styles and how important secure attachment is for development. Therefore, I make it one of my main priorities to ensure that your baby can attain healthy sleep habits while forming and maintaining secure attachment to their caregivers.

I have seen first-hand how different each child is, even between siblings which is why I treat each client as an individual. Each client’s sleep plan is customized and tailored to meet the needs of the child and the family.

I make my clients my number one priority and therefore offer DAILY texting support. I never want my clients to feel like they are doing this alone.

If you are wanting one-on-one support and a customized sleep plan, reach out to me. I can help you!

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