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Baby Sleeping


We can’t thank Leeann and Sleep Tight Consulting enough!

We started implementing healthy sleep habits from her DIY package for 4-16 months about 6 weeks ago. We started noticing improvements right away.

Our 7 month old (6 month adjusted) had been sleeping great since about 3 months of age. He was sleeping in his own space, waking once to feed and sleeping the rest of the night waking around 7-8 am.

Suddenly around 5.5 months he started staying awake after his nighttime feed for anywhere from 1-2 hours and then waking for the day around 5-5:30am. We had tried everything from adjusting wake windows, shortening naps, cutting naps - earlier bedtime, later bedtimes - nothing was helping!

We also had always struggled with short naps in the crib no matter what we tried - he could even fall asleep on his own!

Within 1 week the 1-2 hour crib party had stopped and we were getting some longer naps during the day. The early morning wake ups took a few weeks (about 4 until we really noticed a difference) and this week has been really improved. We have consistent wake ups from 7-8 am and a morning nap anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours. We still have 0-1 wake ups in the night but usually only requiring assistance from us once a week (he’s teething etc). We also just went on our first family vacation with a hotel stay and family visits - he did great! Both adjusting there and adjusting back home.

Momma even got a full straight 8 hours of sleep this week - unheard of!!!

Thanks Leeann 🤍

- Kaitlynn M.

"I bought your DIY for my 8 month old who was waking up every 2-3 hrs. Your detailed description of how to successfully get your child to sleep independently and get them sleeping through the night was extremely helpful and made it easy to understand all the aspects of what to expect in this transition. 


After our advice call you made me feel much more confident in my decision to start this process to help both my son get better consolidated sleep! 


We are now on day 4 and I am blown away with the progress he has made already. He has NEVER once slept through the night and last night he slept for 12.5 hours with no wake ups or feeds!! He is falling asleep within minutes at bedtime with minimal fuss. 


I am so thankful that you took the time to do these DIY training for families and I can’t wait to see him progress even further with his daytime naps and hopefully continue these great night sleeps! 


Cannot thank you enough!!"

- Shelby

"We recently purchased the DIY course and I have to say, I am totally blown away by the results! We started 12 days ago with a baby that wouldn’t nap for longer than 30 minutes at a time and night feedings every 2-3 hours.


Our naps have gone from 30-40 minutes to 1h30-2h30 minutes and only 1 night time feed. Major progress!! We cannot thank you enough Leeann. This course has been a HUGE success for both baby and Mama."

- Aimie T.

"Working with Leeann I had her talking about her sleep consulting business but never really knew what sleep training was. At the beginning my son was such an easy sleeper and was sleeping 7 hour stretches after 2 weeks old. I felt like we were winning. I never really had that new mom tired phase!


Then things drastically changed. My son wouldn’t sleep longer then 2-3 hour stretches, seemed fussier during the day (I kept assuming it was gas), and he was in bed with us because he wouldn’t sleep anywhere else. The one rule I had was I didn’t want my son in bed with us. Hormones kicked in with lack of sleep and I felt like I was failing!


I reached out to Leeann because I was so lost and tired! She has been such an amazing support for my family and has helped me enjoy being a new mom again!


My son is now 3 months old and sleeps 14 hour nights usually only waking once to eat and naps like a dream (once we learned about wake windows).


I didn’t realize there was so much to sleep and I know for a fact, we would of never got to this stage without Leeann! Who ever said a tired baby will sleep, set us up for failure lol. My family is so thankful for Leeann and look forward to working with her through the soother pulling stage."

- Cayla W.

"We are so thankful for Leeann and all the amazing work she does!

We started using Leeann when our baby boy was only 3 months old. After 2 days of working with Leeann, he is sleeping in his own room only waking once to eat during the night and goes right back down again and doesn't wake until 7:30am!

We are still working on daytime naps but Leeann has been there to answer every question I have and provides lots of suggestions. She's quick to respond, most times immediately!

I had questions about going out of town and how to continue healthy sleep habits on the go and in the car. Leeann responded right away with a plan and our baby rocked our quick weekend getaway with no issues!

Thankful for the extra sleep, time to myself and time with my partner after a long day i would highly recommend Leeann for any family needing some assistance with their little ones!"

- Jenn C.

"Just message her already!!!

We were really struggling getting our son to sleep. His naps were 30 mins or less, would only nap on me (rarely could get him down in his crib) and at night he was up every 2-3 hrs ( a bad night 1-2 hrs). I would spend hours rocking him trying to get him to sleep and as soon as I’d stop he would come right alive.


I was so sleep deprived we finally messaged Leeann and it was the best decision hands down. 


We had results the first night! Naps we are still working on, but he’s done a 2 hour nap for the first time ever! I have my bed back, I have free time to myself now, and he’s not so cranky because he’s actually getting sleep now.

Can’t thank Leeann enough!"

- Felicity P.

"We used Leeann for sleep training our twins. Her support and advice have been invaluable. She is always available to us for questions and to help with our concerns. Her expertise as a nurse and a sleep consultant really show through her care and her knowledge for your baby(ies) and entire family! Would (and have) recommend her 100% !! Thank you for everything!!!"

- Victoria J.

"I highly recommend this service!! My baby was 8.5 months when we started. We followed through with our individual plan and we were lucky enough for it to work the first night. My LO woke about 5 times each night on average for a feed. We cut it down to one (my choice). And the longest he cried to go back to sleep was about 2 minutes. During the process, we transitioned our LO to his own room (He slept in his crib in our room).

He also didn’t have any special comfort toys, blankets, etc. But we chose an elephant. Here he is lying down in his crib after routine night 2 cuddling his elephant. We layed him down wide awake and he stayed there until he fell asleep."

- Colleen P.

"There are no words to describe how appreciate we are of a Leeann and how she has helped our family. We have 5-month-old twins that were extremely dependent on their soother for bedtime and nap time. With her knowledge and support our babies have developed amazing sleep habits, and it’s only night 3! They went from waking 5-20 times for their soother a night to sleeping 13 hours on their own!


I love that I can send her a quick text, and she gives instant feedback and guidance! She’s very personable and professional! I recommend her 100%. Look no further if you are considering hiring a sleep trainer! She’s seriously the best!"

- Brittany K.

As a mom of a 2 year old dream sleeper, I assumed #2 would be just as easy. We successfully sleep trained our first on our own and figured we could do it again. Well... we were wrong. After coming home from a busy summer we were struggling to get little miss to nap in her crib for any length of time. I felt like every day consisted of me trying to get her to sleep, and the mom guilt for my two year old was real.

After hours googling, reading mom blogs, and trying “this and that” (with no success)we knew we needed to call in the big guns. After reaching out to Leeann, all the uncertainty of what we were or wernt doing was gone. It is amazing how quickly stress and anxiety disappears when you have someone you can reach out to with any question at any time. Or confirm and re-enforce what you already know.

After setting goals with Leeann on what we wanted to accomplish, we were seeing results within a week and even better a month later. This gave me time to spend with my two year old again and enjoy my 3.5-4 month old.

Today I am happy to say that our second child seems to be on the same sleep path as her big brother. We are enjoying long naps (up to 2.5 hours) a happy baby, and 12 hours of consecutive sleep each night yay for our nights back!

My recommendation to anyone is this, dont make sleep anymore stressful than it already is. Call Leeann and let her help you. Even if it’s only a refresher on what you already know, she’s got you!

- Kerrie G.

"All parents of little ones need Leeann in their lives!

A little of our story: When our son was 8 months old, we sleep trained him ourselves. Several friends used consultants, but we decided to just wing it on our own. It went well and still to this day he is an amazing sleeper. When our second baby came along, my days were more exhausting. They started when our son woke up, I couldn’t nap daytime (since he doesn’t nap) and although our daughter was a good sleeper at night, she depended on me to get her asleep. Naps were crappy and it consisted of me bouncing/rocking her (which she got used to from having acid reflux), only for her to sleep 30 minutes. It was frustrating and I felt guilty having little alone time with oldest. At 4 months our daughter hit a sleep “regression”. She would go to sleep around 8:30-9 pm (too late for my liking), waking a few times within the first hour or two, just to need comforting, then would sleep until early the next morning. Her nights weren’t always predictable and we were missing our time alone in the evenings (what we had for years) to just watch tv, have a fire, go to bed early, etc.

At our daughter’s month check up with her paediatrician, we were asked about how she was sleeping. Telling her the details I listed above, she said “don’t do it!” and encouraged us to start teaching her healthy sleep habits, which we had already discussed.

Instead of sleep training our daughter on our own, we decided to hire Leeann Talbot to make sure we did it properly and had the support through it all. It was the BEST thing we did for our family! This sleep training didn’t require us to just let her “cry it out”. It consisted of paying attention to appropriate wake times between naps, putting her in her crib awake, etc. We would have paid 10x the fee to get the results we have now!!! Seriously!

Our daughter is now 6 months old and has 2 naps most days (sometimes 3 depending on the wake times) which range from 1-2 hours long. She faithfully sleeps 11.5-12 hours EVERY night.


Having both kids in bed by 7:30 has given us back our nights and it’s a relief to know both of them are getting the sleep they desperately need. We start our day between 7-7:30 am and they always wake up happy. Our daughter was always a happy baby, but in the past month and a half since sleep training, she very rarely cries! She is so happy with the sleep she is getting and actually looks forward to naps and bedtime. She has a consistent routine and she is thriving from it.

The reason we wanted to share this was because many people don’t know that these resources are available. Just because you have kids, does not mean your morning needs to start at 5 am or you have to have sleepless nights for months and months on end (minus the newborn stage). I can see how postpartum depression and anxiety is on the rise with the demands of everyday life, running on little sleep with kids and feeling like this is just the way it is. If you’re feeling like you need more sleep and time to yourself, then know that help is out there.

It has been life changing for us. I’m way less frustrated and stressed, I look forward to my evenings/nights now, we know what to expect, and we have two very happy, cuddly, loving and affectionate kids. I don’t function well with broken sleep so we did this for all four of us. Everyday we say at least 10 times that it was the best thing we did for our family!

In no way is this review expected of us but we can’t help but share how awesome Leeann was during this process. While we realized we could do it on our own, I didn’t want to do trial and error this time around, having our son to occupy and keep happy as well. At any point during our daughters growing years, Leeann is just a text away to help us through any bumps in the road (change of awake times, early mornings, etc.).

If you’re thinking about inquiring about sleep training or hiring support, contact Leeann with Sleep Tight Consulting. You won’t regret it!! She doesn’t just work with babies, she works with toddlers and kids as well! You also don’t have to live in Fort McMurray, or even Alberta. Leeann works with people across Canada."

- Dana C.

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